In Memory of





Melinda was a verified genius. She could read at two. She had an encyclopedic knowledge of European history, particularly surrounding WWII. She read voraciously. She had a great appreciation for her British ancestry.

She should have been a historian at some Ivy League college, but our own history threw a spanner in those works.

She fell in love with sports, particularly women’s gymnastics, the summer of Nadia Comenici. That was also when she realized she was gay. She has long been a fiery champion for all the causes she cared about. She will be remembered by the nickname Doc on the old Gymnastics Gossip Message Board, which she created. She carried that passion onto her sports blog. And she was an important feature in the Long Beach Pride community, especially the recovery 12 Step subgroup.

To me, she was a close friend, my baby sister, and a kind soul who cared about the weak and helpless. I’d have been a much better big sister, if I’d known our years were so few. I can’t imagine a better little sister.

Go on to the light, Mink. Wait for us all there. I love you.

Services for Melinda will be October 31st at 10 AM at Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach CA. Captain John Lee will officiate. Her ashes will be scattered off-shore. More information